Our Products

We sell various varieties of tamarind which are packed differently according to grades. One of the most popular products is our 'Raja Agmark Puli' which is of high quality and AGMARK certified. 

Apart from our tamarind, we also sell Dried Red Chillies, Sugar to some of the leading mills in Madurai, Gold Winner Oil, Naga Rava & Maida and Thillai's Masala. 

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Export & Trade

The company started its export business in 1999 and entered the international market. Our tamarinds are exported from the Chennai Harbour to Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka and other European Countries.


It has now stamped firmly its foothold in the international level. We are now global exporters of OMS Tamarinds. We export de-fibred seed tamarind mainly to Malaysia. After the LC is placed, we ship the tamarind to our Malaysian clients within 10 - 12 days.