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OMS Tamarind
Merchants Pvt. Ltd.

OMS Tamarind Merchants Pvt. Ltd. is a family owned business successfully running for the past 76 years with its head office in Madurai. We are the pioneers of Tamarind trading since 1944. With the sincere commitment and unified leadership, our business has been flourishing in trade from large bulk orders to retail sales.

Tamarind is purchased from all over North and South India. They are first stored in our company cold storage, which is a magnificent, four stored building situated in the Theni district with a storage capacity of 2500 Metric tons. It’s then transported to our tamarind processing centres in the villages around Dindigul district where they are de-seeded, de-fibered, packed and distributed in the market.







Cold Storage

Our Sri. Satchidananda Cold Storage, a four storyed building constructed in Theni in 1995, is truly a testament to our progressive nature. The building was built keeping in mind international standards with a storage capacity of 2500 metric tonnes. Our tamarind are stored here during the off-season and our transport facilities later, distribute it to various sellers across India.

Our Story

Our company was established in the year 1944 by our forefather Mr. O.M.S.S. Sangaralinga Nadar, the founder of OMS Tamarind Merchants. We're a family owned business with Tamarind as its main product. 


With over 5 generations of our family working tirelessly together. Through sheer hard work and commitment, our company grew into a national status as one of the most respected firms in Tamarind production and distribution. 

With over a 100 employees today, We are committed to providing the highest quality products and best customer satisfaction. Our customers are always treated with utmost respect and delivering quality goods, on time at affordable pricing, is our biggest selling point. Our prompt services have earned us a huge reputation in the global market for tamarind and spices. Our strength and support comes from our family, where every member of our family business has a purpose and vision to make the business successful.

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